Thursday, 24 June 2010

London Calling

Hi all,

I've now been out of university for 4 weeks, which feels crazy because it only feels like yesterday that I was being introduced to the fit fresher reps and downing horrible shots!

Anyway, I'm now working in London, in 'The City' as they like to call it (or so my brother says). The job I am working in is based around admin and marketing, so you can imagine that it doesnt exactly feed my fashion addiction. Helped little by the fact that everyone walking around is suited and booted. Though I do see the occasional high-flyer stalking past me in her designer dress and prada handbag - making me hang my head in shame at my chucked-on styling that I scrambled together early that morning.

So with fashion being sucked from my life for the last month, I am ridiculously excited about pay day tomorrow! Yay... I will finally be able to go shopping and buy some clothes that I can wear for work so that I can pose as a high-flyer!

It's surprised me how much not feeling appropriately dressed when working has affected my self confidence. I am quite a shy person when meeting new people to start off with, but with my lack of self-confidence fuelled by my boring attire (according to myself), I find myself cowering away from opportunities and doubting myself before anybody else gets to think otherwise.

Something I have done to try and address this is create a fashion style mood board. It's a big wooden board filled with pictures from magazines and the internet of those whom I would love to dress like and feel inspired by. It features the likes of Whitney Eve Port and other female celebs and models that catch my eye.

The whole purpose of this is to discover my passion for fashion again (sorry for the cringey line), and to feel inspired and excited when I'm getting dressed in the morning.

Already today, I have simply copied Whitney Eve Port's lovely high-bun hair style accompanied by a large cream flower and I suddenly feel the part.

I know working in London will need some getting used to, but being something I have always dreamt of, I hope to one day feel the part.

I will photograph my style board asap and get it up here for you. If you guys have anything similar, let me know so we can share ideas :)

Wearing Happiness ♥