Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Book Review - Last Night at Chateau Marmont

Hi guys. So I've just finished reading Lauren Weisberger's (author of the Devil Wears Prada) latest, 'Last Night at Chateau Marmont.' If I told you that I read this in less than a week, you'd probably presume that I loved it? And I did...

Heartbreak, Headlines and Hermes - Welcome to Brooke's new world... This strap line alone, was enough to make me buy this book!

The story is based in NYC - Brooke is a hard-working city girl who's fallen head-over-heels for a musician playing in little jazz bars; Nola (Brooke's best friend) is a high-flying glamour puss, who's ultra supportive of her best friend; and Julian is the husky voiced heart throb Brooke has it bad for. Interested?

The story escalates around Julian's sudden discovery as a talented singer/songwriter, and the ups and downs that his and Brooke's marriage have to rough it through thanks to fame, paps and headlines.

This was an awesome read - I couldn't put it down, and read as little as a paragraph at any given opportunity.... 5 stars for Lauren :-)

NYFW - Zac Posen

Zac Posen is definitely the highlight of New York Fashion Week so far.

His collection is effortlessly feminine, with silk draping skirts and asymmetric ruffled hems, exaggerated, curved shoulders and fur lined collars, and floor skimming gowns with plunging necklines.

Take a look for yourself at the following link:

Which designer is your fav so far? xoxo

Monday, 13 September 2010

Good News!

I have amazing news... I have just accepted a job offer from Primark, as a Trainee Buyer!

I could not be more pleased :-) I start in October and am so excited to get settled in to the high-street giant, and to start working my butt off for them!

Do any of you work in fashion? xoxo

Thelma and Louise

Afternoon everyone, how are you all?

One of the things I love doing when I have time to myself, is putting on a good movie and snuggling up in my bed. Having watched most rom-coms and comedies from my time, I've been looking for other movies to watch, when I stumbled upon Thelma and Louise.

I saw it in the Sky Movies planner and it rang a bell in my head. I soon realised it was from watching The O.C, when Summer used to talk about it all the time! And then remembered also, that this movie was the inspiration for Gaga and Beyonce's 'Telephone' music video. This validated it as one to watch for me!

My verdict? I loved every car-chasing, money-grabbing, fashion-throwback, best-friend loving minute of it!

The film was first released in 1991, and stars the lovely Susan Sarandon, Geena Davies and... Brad Pitt (wearing little clothing!).

It's a story of two best friends who confide in each other when something terrible happens. I'd say it's a fab film to watch with your girls, as it's the perfect example of sisterhood!

I even found myself being inspired by their fashion - Louise's (Susan Sarandon) fashion is more sophisticated, possibly influenced by Audrey Hepurn and those alike? Her hair is fabulous the whole way through - she sports fabulous cat eyed sunglasses and a permenant cigarette! Thelma, on the other hand, has more rock-esque, casual dress sense. She looks effortlessly sexy in high-wasted Levi's and a tied denim shirt or sleeveless rock tee.

I could write about this film allll day, just go and watch it! Don't forget to let me know what you think :-)

P.S. Any other films you guys recommend? xoxo

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Zara Joins the Online World

I can't help but be excited that fast-fashion chain Zara finally has a fully-transactional website! This means that those cute leather boots, chunky knit cardi's, bum-perky jeans and fur-lined coats that normally disappear from our lives the moment they sell out in store, will be able to be bought by the click of a mouse!

The website is effortlessly chic, continuing their brand story perfectly. Lookbook's for each collection, offer style advice and outfit-building inspiration for browsers.

Not only can Zara now compete against the likes of ASOS, Very and My Wardrobe on line, but also from the touch of an iPhone or iPad.
Suddenly, the brand has gone from hard-to-access to access-everywhere, and I love it.

Have fun shopping... long live classic chic!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Fashion Graduate

Evening everyone!

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently graduated, and I just wanted to share a few pictures with you all!

I was super excited about my outfit, as I haven't been able to spend a lot of money on one for a longggg time (thanks to being a student!)...

So, my lovely dress is French Connection £120.00. It is simply chic with this really cute open back and bow detailing on the back (see piccies). And, my shoes are from Zara Woman £69.00. They are a tan leather, with super cute cream stitching around the edges.

In the pics are my mum and dad, me just after graduating, and then my clever clog classmates!

Have any of you graduated recently? x

Friday, 6 August 2010

Boats and Barcombe

My adorable boyfriend couldn't make it to my graduation (I have just graduated from Notts Trent Uni, in Fashion & Textile Management), and as he felt bad, he decided to take me out for a romantic surprise!

He took me to this lovely, little country pub called The Anchor Inn, in Barcombe (East Sussex).

This is right up my street! It's in the middle of no-where, surrounded by everlasting fields of green, tall flowing trees and bright pops of colour from little pansies. Gorgeous!

After eating (the food was delicious.), we went... on a boat! That's right, Bridget Jones style girls! There are pics of the boat below. You travel down this lovely river through the fields and past mini waterfalls and big cows! There were also rope swings hanging above the water, with crazy people actually jumping in for a swim!

If you live in the area, I would say it is definitely worth a visit :)
In the pictures, my boyfriend, Murray, is wearing:
Stripey Tee - River Island
Camo Black Shorts - Bench
Flip Flops - Havannas
Watch - Argos (bang on trend too!)
I am wearing:
Polka Dot Dress - Primark
Lipstick Red Cardi - Primark
Flip Flops - Accessorize
Sweetie Bracelet - Links
White X-Body Bag - Primark

Thursday, 24 June 2010

London Calling

Hi all,

I've now been out of university for 4 weeks, which feels crazy because it only feels like yesterday that I was being introduced to the fit fresher reps and downing horrible shots!

Anyway, I'm now working in London, in 'The City' as they like to call it (or so my brother says). The job I am working in is based around admin and marketing, so you can imagine that it doesnt exactly feed my fashion addiction. Helped little by the fact that everyone walking around is suited and booted. Though I do see the occasional high-flyer stalking past me in her designer dress and prada handbag - making me hang my head in shame at my chucked-on styling that I scrambled together early that morning.

So with fashion being sucked from my life for the last month, I am ridiculously excited about pay day tomorrow! Yay... I will finally be able to go shopping and buy some clothes that I can wear for work so that I can pose as a high-flyer!

It's surprised me how much not feeling appropriately dressed when working has affected my self confidence. I am quite a shy person when meeting new people to start off with, but with my lack of self-confidence fuelled by my boring attire (according to myself), I find myself cowering away from opportunities and doubting myself before anybody else gets to think otherwise.

Something I have done to try and address this is create a fashion style mood board. It's a big wooden board filled with pictures from magazines and the internet of those whom I would love to dress like and feel inspired by. It features the likes of Whitney Eve Port and other female celebs and models that catch my eye.

The whole purpose of this is to discover my passion for fashion again (sorry for the cringey line), and to feel inspired and excited when I'm getting dressed in the morning.

Already today, I have simply copied Whitney Eve Port's lovely high-bun hair style accompanied by a large cream flower and I suddenly feel the part.

I know working in London will need some getting used to, but being something I have always dreamt of, I hope to one day feel the part.

I will photograph my style board asap and get it up here for you. If you guys have anything similar, let me know so we can share ideas :)

Wearing Happiness ♥

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I just wanted to share with everyone that as from tomorrow I will be posting my daily outfits (however shabby or chic) on to my blog for 365 days!

I'm doing it mainly because I think it will be fun; It'll be interesting to see what I wear way too much and what I hardly wear at all! I'm sure I heard a fact about how most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? Hmm... time will tell!

But also, I don't feel like I have completely found myself style-wise yet and would really love feedback, comments and advice from you all :)

See you tomorrow x x Wearing Happiness ♥

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Gossip Girl for Miss S follow up...

I previously mentioned in my blog about the exciting Gossip Girl range coming to Miss S! Here it is... just check out

Wearing Happiness ♥

Oo La La!

After watching the City on amazing blogger website, I became curious about the website Rue La La. I became intrigued because Whitney Port was doing a photo shoot for them to feature her collection Whitney Eve exclusively online for a short period of time.

So naturally I googled Rue La La and have signed up to be a member. Membership is invitation only to sustain being exclusive, however there is a link you can click on if you've seen it on the City!

I have been on this website for hourrrrs! It's amazing. Rue La La features premier brands and private boutiques, which can be shopped for online for a limited time only, such as Whitney Eve.

The site also features a blog that dips in to many creative roles within the fashion industry; for example interviewing stylists, up and coming designers, behind the scenes videos and so much more! So if you are a fashion lover like myself, it is DEFINITELY worth checking out:

Enjoy my pretties...

Wearing Happiness ♥

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

You Know You Love Miss Selfridge... xoxo

I am a BIG fan of Manhattan's Gossip Girl, and particularly adore Blair (Leighton Meester). So you can imagine just how excited I was to hear that Miss Selfridge has secured a deal with Gossip Girl to launch a range inspired by the hit TV show this year!

The range is said to be inspired by the classic looks of Blair Waldorf, the rock-chic style of Jenny Humphrey, the tribal colours of Vanessa Abrams and the effortless chic of Serena Van der Woodsen. Exciting times!

The website currently says 'coming soon' though the range is rumoured to hit stores at the end of April! I will try my best to get some photos to you asap :)

Wearing Happiness ♥


So the new SATC2 trailer was released last week and just as I'm adoring the moroccan outfits... AIDAN! Oh my god, he's back! Bring on May 28th...

You can watch the new SATC 2 trailer on You Tube:

Wearing Happiness ♥

Topshop Spend Up

So I am a big Topshop fan having worked there for the last 5 years! I love their product offering, how what we see on the runway in fashion week is similarly available in Topshop soon after! Also, working there means that I understand the trends in store and I get to stare at the clothes for a few hours every day deciding what I want to buy! I buy so much I don't think it's worth Arcadia paying me anymore! Just give me a clothes allowance instead ;)

Here are my purchases...

Eeek this makes me look like a bit of a shopaholic!

So as you can see I am a bit of a girly girl... my boyfriend often describes my wardrobe as a garden!

So I am going to try and remember prices and list it all for you! The prices may not be exact as I'm relying on memory for some, but will only have a couple pounds different! You can find all of my items on :D

From left to right:
*Cream long sleeve cardi: £38
*Ditsy print floral cotton dress £32
*Nude floaty dress: £45
*Yellow silk camisole: £28
*Racer back floral camisole: £28
*Cream camisole with pearl buttons: £35
*Red top with lace detail: £15
*Long line basic in nude: £12
*Floral leggings: £20

Ok so that's all of them! Let's not add it altogether!

Happy topshopping :)

Wearing Happiness ♥

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Kardashian's gorgeous in the buff!

On Khloe Kardashian's website she recently posted a pic of Kim Kardashian going starkers for culture magazine Harpers Bazaar.
Kim's a curvy girl and looks STUNNING... Khloe also highlights how there's been no photoshopping whatsoever, if this is true then Kim rocks! Proving to girls everywhere that curves are real and sexy!
We ♥ the Kardashians...

Wearing Happiness ♥

Loubou Lust

Sooo as I'm coming towards the end of my degree, I've been dreaming about working in the fashion industry and particularly what those all important outfits will be, 'devil wears prada' styley!

Like lots of girls I know, the shoes I'm aiming to walk out of Selfridges in one day are Louboutins! And after visiting New York City in November 2009, I'd love a pair even more! Watching the women strut themselves down the street as though it's a catwalk, with flashes of red blasting from their feet made me feel inspired and almost resent their fashion power.

However, being a student, it's pretty hard to scrape together a few hundred pounds to splash out on these beauties! So I've been thinking about ebaying some? It's a quick and easy way to grab hold of some Louboutins for (fingers crossed) my graduation day on July 21st!

Now I'm trying to weigh up the options of either buying a slightly busted up pair on ebay or trying to scrape together that bit of cash to buy my very own beautiful pair (I'll keep dreaming of this).
I'll keep you posted...
Wearing Happiness ♥