Monday, 13 September 2010

Thelma and Louise

Afternoon everyone, how are you all?

One of the things I love doing when I have time to myself, is putting on a good movie and snuggling up in my bed. Having watched most rom-coms and comedies from my time, I've been looking for other movies to watch, when I stumbled upon Thelma and Louise.

I saw it in the Sky Movies planner and it rang a bell in my head. I soon realised it was from watching The O.C, when Summer used to talk about it all the time! And then remembered also, that this movie was the inspiration for Gaga and Beyonce's 'Telephone' music video. This validated it as one to watch for me!

My verdict? I loved every car-chasing, money-grabbing, fashion-throwback, best-friend loving minute of it!

The film was first released in 1991, and stars the lovely Susan Sarandon, Geena Davies and... Brad Pitt (wearing little clothing!).

It's a story of two best friends who confide in each other when something terrible happens. I'd say it's a fab film to watch with your girls, as it's the perfect example of sisterhood!

I even found myself being inspired by their fashion - Louise's (Susan Sarandon) fashion is more sophisticated, possibly influenced by Audrey Hepurn and those alike? Her hair is fabulous the whole way through - she sports fabulous cat eyed sunglasses and a permenant cigarette! Thelma, on the other hand, has more rock-esque, casual dress sense. She looks effortlessly sexy in high-wasted Levi's and a tied denim shirt or sleeveless rock tee.

I could write about this film allll day, just go and watch it! Don't forget to let me know what you think :-)

P.S. Any other films you guys recommend? xoxo

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