Sunday, 18 April 2010

Loubou Lust

Sooo as I'm coming towards the end of my degree, I've been dreaming about working in the fashion industry and particularly what those all important outfits will be, 'devil wears prada' styley!

Like lots of girls I know, the shoes I'm aiming to walk out of Selfridges in one day are Louboutins! And after visiting New York City in November 2009, I'd love a pair even more! Watching the women strut themselves down the street as though it's a catwalk, with flashes of red blasting from their feet made me feel inspired and almost resent their fashion power.

However, being a student, it's pretty hard to scrape together a few hundred pounds to splash out on these beauties! So I've been thinking about ebaying some? It's a quick and easy way to grab hold of some Louboutins for (fingers crossed) my graduation day on July 21st!

Now I'm trying to weigh up the options of either buying a slightly busted up pair on ebay or trying to scrape together that bit of cash to buy my very own beautiful pair (I'll keep dreaming of this).
I'll keep you posted...
Wearing Happiness ♥

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