Sunday, 16 May 2010

Oo La La!

After watching the City on amazing blogger website, I became curious about the website Rue La La. I became intrigued because Whitney Port was doing a photo shoot for them to feature her collection Whitney Eve exclusively online for a short period of time.

So naturally I googled Rue La La and have signed up to be a member. Membership is invitation only to sustain being exclusive, however there is a link you can click on if you've seen it on the City!

I have been on this website for hourrrrs! It's amazing. Rue La La features premier brands and private boutiques, which can be shopped for online for a limited time only, such as Whitney Eve.

The site also features a blog that dips in to many creative roles within the fashion industry; for example interviewing stylists, up and coming designers, behind the scenes videos and so much more! So if you are a fashion lover like myself, it is DEFINITELY worth checking out:

Enjoy my pretties...

Wearing Happiness ♥

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